What is the difference between a Brazilian, an Extended Bikini, and a Bikini Wax?

Let’s put it this way: Brazilian Bikini waxes came from a land where tiny bikinis were worn most of the time, much like Hawaii. With many different preferences on how to stay tidy down there, The Brazilian, Extended Bikini, and Bikini were created.  

- A Brazilian wax is the whole shebang. We remove all of the hair from front to back. You can, however, leave a little something if you would like. A strip or a triangle.

-A Bikini wax cleans up all of the unwanted hair that shows outside of the bikini line.

-An Extended Bikini or “The Inbetweeni” Is in between a Brazilian wax and a Bikini wax, hence why it is called the “Inbetweeni”. Removing the hair outside and a little inside the bikini line will keep you nice neat, without taking it all off.

How long does my hair need to be to get waxed?

We recommend 3 to 4 weeks from the last form of hair removal (Shaving, Tweezing, or Waxing). Despite what you may have read or have been told, the length of your hair is not necessarily what we look for. Our hair grows in three different hair cycles. Allowing all of these cycles to penetrate the surface of our skin will not only give us a better waxing result but will be longer lasting as well.


How long should I wait in between waxes?

To achieve the best results, we recommend waiting 4 to 6 weeks between your waxing appointments.


What should I do before I come?

It is always best to work on a clean, exfoliated surface. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol four hours prior to your appointment, as this may make you more sensitive. Taking an Advil or Ibuprofen may help with minimal discomfort.


Is there anything I should be doing after I get waxed or in between waxes?

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!!! Just as we would exfoliate any other part of our body, it is always important in areas that are waxed as well. Exfoliating will not only prevent and cure ingrown hairs, but it will help with a good, lasting wax.


Does it Hurt?

We won’t lie to you, removing hair from its follicle is never pain free. But what if I told you we make it nearly painless. Here at Beachside Beauty, we have come up with a technique that minimizes pain significantly. Our technique has also allowed us to complete your entire waxing service in 15 minutes. With skilled estheticians and the highest quality cream wax, you will forget your even getting waxed.      


How long will my service take?

Fifteen minutes is all it takes, sometimes it can even be less.


Can I get waxed if I am Pregnant?

Of course. This is  one of the best time to get waxed. With all that you are dealing with, let us take care of one thing. Not only will you feel nice and clean, you will be more prepared for the big day. From week one to week forty, we have you all taken care of.


What kind of wax do you use?  

We use the best of the best. It is an Italian cream base wax that is good for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Using a cream base wax reduces pain significantly and helps to achieve the best waxing result possible.