Beachside Beauty was developed through many years, thousands of waxing and eyelash clients, a lot of education, and being the forerunner in every new beauty trend. After moving from Las Vegas, Nevada to Kailua, Hawaii, we felt it was time to expand our love to Hawaii. With our drive to open this business, our technique, and our love for the beauty industry, Beachside Beauty was born.


 Here at Beachside Beauty we do things a little different from other waxing and lashing salons. Yes, our waxes are done in 15 minutes, we do have a less painful technique, and we do use a soft cream wax. We have also partnered  with one of the best eyelash extension companies in the world, Xtreme Lash. Not only do we use the highest quality lash products but also have the most experience and training possible.  With all of this and our wonderful clients, Beachside Beauty stands out from the rest. We have found a way to make waxing more than just BAREable and lashes more beautiful.